Dungeon RPG Artwork

2014-03-13 00:01:31 by CircusFreakFlash

Still working away on pumping out art for a badass monster killing rpg.

Does this look interesting to you? Follow us on our tumblr blog to learn more and stay update: dungeongame.tumblr.com

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2880384_139468329072_tumblr_n2cvp7HNBG1rnahr4o1_1280.pngOf course, every good dungeon crawler should have lots of equipment to equip. Deck out your toon with helmets, weapons, gloves, shoulders, shields, boots, belts, and accessories. All of which effect the look and play of your character.

Also, check out some of the first ambient audio tracks (also written by myself) I feel this is a decent indicator of the mood of the game. Let me know what you think. Good? Bad? http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/568516


DUNGEON v2: RPG Platformer

2013-07-28 03:11:42 by CircusFreakFlash

A long (long) while ago, myself and a friend started working on a game and posted some of our progress here. And after a long break, we've decided to continue working to finish the game!

It's a RPG/rogue style platformer with heavy influences from games like 'Super Metroid' and 'Diablo II' Stay tuned here on Newgrounds or better yet visit our dungeon blog @ dungeongame.tumblr.com for development updates and cool artwork!

DUNGEON v2: RPG Platformer

Ability: Ground Pound

2009-11-10 01:07:20 by CircusFreakFlash

Circus Freak Flash and Warb Web are working together to create a sweet dungeon/fighter game!

Here is a little preview for one of the abilities you can choose to equip on your hero.
Check at the previous post for some cool armor sets you can equip on your guy as well!


Questions? IDEAS? Please leave a comment. :D

Ability: Ground Pound

Cool Game. Cool Armor.

2009-10-23 00:49:15 by CircusFreakFlash

Hey world!

So I said I was workin on a large project... Its gonna be a game I'm making with a very talented programmer. Weve been working in our spare time for about two months now. It's a side scrolling adventure fighter game with very customizable features on your hero- including your equipment and abilities.

Here is a small palette of some of the armors you might be able to use. I threw an enemy in there as well :D Tell me what you think!

ANY IDEAS? Were still fleshing things out so maybe you could give us some input!

Cool Game. Cool Armor.

I am just beginning to settle in here on Newgrounds, and I am beginning to see how things work as well. Also, I'm happy to say that I just broke 200 fans... but I am sorry to say that I probably won't be submitting anything for a few months, but for a good reason! I am working on a BIG NEW SHINY flash project. I'll keep you guys posted on any major updates. :D