Entry #5

Dungeon RPG Artwork

2014-03-13 00:01:31 by CircusFreakFlash

Still working away on pumping out art for a badass monster killing rpg.

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2880384_139468329072_tumblr_n2cvp7HNBG1rnahr4o1_1280.pngOf course, every good dungeon crawler should have lots of equipment to equip. Deck out your toon with helmets, weapons, gloves, shoulders, shields, boots, belts, and accessories. All of which effect the look and play of your character.

Also, check out some of the first ambient audio tracks (also written by myself) I feel this is a decent indicator of the mood of the game. Let me know what you think. Good? Bad? http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/568516



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2014-03-13 01:51:32

The graphics look really good, I cant wait to check it out once its done. Is it going to be real time?

CircusFreakFlash responds:

Yes. That's the plan.


2014-03-13 04:50:29

Had my eye on this for a while, looking forward to it. The music is fitting too, though I imagine it'll be more so when actually in-game.


2014-03-13 09:51:23

looks great already :D


2014-03-13 18:26:25

Eep. Excited. Excited.


2014-03-14 02:26:49

I can already tell this will get on the front page

CircusFreakFlash responds:

Thanks man. Hopefully sooner than later.


2014-07-09 15:54:14

Looks great!


2015-10-08 17:32:31

RAR! ive been waiting years this looks so awesome! When can we expect some kind of update? :o