DUNGEON v2: RPG Platformer

2013-07-28 03:11:42 by CircusFreakFlash

A long (long) while ago, myself and a friend started working on a game and posted some of our progress here. And after a long break, we've decided to continue working to finish the game!

It's a RPG/rogue style platformer with heavy influences from games like 'Super Metroid' and 'Diablo II' Stay tuned here on Newgrounds or better yet visit our dungeon blog @ dungeongame.tumblr.com for development updates and cool artwork!

DUNGEON v2: RPG Platformer


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2013-07-28 08:53:52

Seems promissing, though Diablo II was a huge pain in my behind. I didn't follow you guys at the start, but I'll try to do it now that you resumed your work.
The flaming torch was worth the view. : D


2013-07-28 09:01:49

Getting some Rogue Legacy vibes from this. Maybe it will be more Castlevania style?

CircusFreakFlash responds:

Those are definitely both very high on the list of influences. We're aiming for somewhere between the two. Which do you prefer?


2013-07-28 16:47:33

sweet logo


2013-07-28 16:49:33

Also just followed you. Those are some fun character designs you have going on there

CircusFreakFlash responds:

Thanks and thanks! Youre officially our first new follower for V2!


2013-07-28 21:41:52

This looks interesting. Hope it's big like Metroid was! +Watch


2013-07-29 04:33:42

Well a mix between RL and C will be nice. Random layouts, random chance of items, rarer as you go along. Upgrades like double jump may be outside the game like RL.

CircusFreakFlash responds:

Cool. That sounds really close to what were doing. :)


2013-10-12 10:55:17

well its about time! ive been waiting to check this out and thought you abandoned us!
looks awesome